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Top quality, specially selected buckwheat honey.

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Similarly to acacia honey, buckwheat honey contains a lot of fructose. Its colour is dark, even brown. When stored for a long time in conditions exposed to light, it changes colour to dark brown, even black. It crystallizes into coarse, hard crystals that sediment out in fluid honey. The taste is sharp, even slightly burning. Buckwheat honey contains a particularly large quantity of easily assimilable magnesium, therefore, it is recommended as a component of an anti-cancer diet.

Buckwheat honey is applied in the treatment of:

- circulatory system diseases, especially those of sclerotic origin, as well as in liver diseases.

- this particular type of honey is recommended in cases of sight, hearing and memory impairments. It also supports the cardiac muscle function.

A set of “Premium honey"
Premium Honey is honey which comes only from Polish apiaries. Amongst our range of premium honey we have: mixed-flower honey, lime-blossom, acacia, buckwheat and honeydew honey. All the premium honey come in 500g glass jars. Individual jars are packed in a cardboard sleeve. Such packaging make our honey stand out from the others. Premium honey can also be purchased in a multipack of five jars, one of each kind.