Buckwheat honey - 1 kg



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Due to high demand of large clip jars, we decided to bring them back to the online store. In the interests of safe shipment, the profile of jars has been changed and strengthened so that they do not break during transport.

Like acacia honey, it contains a lot of fructose. It has dark colour, even very dark.

Stored for a long time in conditions that allow light to enter, it turns dark brown, almost black.

Crystalises to form thick, hard crystals that settle in the liquid honey plasma. After crystalisation, it usually takes on a brown color. The taste has a sharp and even slightly burning taste. Buckwheat honey contains especially a lot of easily absorbable magnesium, it is recommended in the anti-cancer diet. It is used to treat cardiovascular diseases, especially against atherosclerosis. Also in liver diseases and impaired vision, hearing and memory.