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Top quality specially selected linden honey.

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It is considered by many consumers to be the best and most valuable among honeys. It owes its centuries-old reputation to the wide use of the linden blossom in folk medicine.

This type of honey has a distinctive strong aroma that resembles the smell of a lime tree. The taste is sharp, slightly bitter. In the liquid state, the honey’s colour is greenish-yellow to light amber. The intensity of colour and taste differ depending on the region the honey comes from. During crystallization process its consistency becomes fine-grained and the colour changes to white-yellow or golden yellow. Lime-blossom honey exhibits expectorant, diaphoretic, antipyretic, sedative and antispasmodic properties.

It is applied in the treatment of:

- acute and chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract,

- the throat and the sinuses infections,

- for bronchitis.

Due to its high antibiotic activity, it is also applied in urinary tract diseases, rheumatism and neuroses.

A set of “Premium honey"
Premium Honey is honey which comes only from Polish apiaries. Amongst our range of premium honey we have: mixed-flower honey, lime-blossom, acacia, buckwheat and honeydew honey. All the premium honey come in 500g glass jars. Individual jars are packed in a cardboard sleeve. Such packaging make our honey stand out from the others. Premium honey can also be purchased in a multipack of five jars, one of each kind.