Honeydew honey - 1 kg

Top-quality, specially selected

honeydew honey from conifers.

Your favourite honey in a clip jar

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Due to high demand of large clip jars, we decided to bring them back to the online store. In the interests of safe shipment, the profile of jars has been changed and strengthened so that they do not break during transport.

Honeydew honey can be grayish-green, brown or even black, depending on the species of tree from which honeydew is obtained. It crystalises quite slowly, taking a lumpy form. It has a slightly spicy smell, taste is mild and not very sweet.It contains more active substances, especially biologically active iron, than nectar honeys.

It is useful for:

- upper respiratory tract diseases

- in cases of lowered immunity,

- it also supports the treatment of rheumatic, skin and nervous diseases.

It has anti-inflammatory, disinfectant and expectorant properties, it has the properties of a natural antibiotic.