API HERB is a bee feed supplement, containing dried off plant stock and B vitamins.

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This preparation improves bees condition and prevents adult bees diseases, particularly caused by intestinal pathogens e.g. Nosema apis. API HERB regulates the environment of adult bees intestine, therefore it increases their resistance to nosemoza. Application of this preparation limits the number of Nosema apis gemmae in the intestine of the adult bee by 46%, or even up to 73%. Giving API HERB to bees is particularly recommended in the period of the early spring and in late summer (autumn). At that time adverse environmental conditions and collected pathogens in hives can weaken bee colonies.


Dextrose, dried off plant stock, aromatic herbs, witamins: B1, B2, B6. 7.0% crude protein, 0.5% fat, 2.0% crude fibre, 1.5% ash, 52.0% sugar, 8.5% humidity.


Mix the content of the entire sachet in 0.5 l of the sugar syrup (50% water and 50% sugar). Prepared solution is a portion enough for the one-time application in 10 bee colonies. One should pour bees between frames in the amount of 5 ml for one frame (altogether 50 ml per 10 frame hive). It is recommended to prepare the solution of preparation directly before the use, not later than 10 hours before the use. Solution should be stored in a cool place up to the moment of the application. Do not apply solution stored longer than 48 hours. Repeat pouring the bees 3 times in the interval of one week, in spring and/or in late summer (autumn) at temperature above 10? C outside. Store in cool and dark place.

Packaging: 40 g