Fudges with pollen - 250 g

Fudges are sweets which bring back our childhood memories. Eating them we go back to carefree youth times.

Try something new… fudges with pollen.

Cena: 7,00 zł



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Products from our own apiary were used in the production process of the fudges. We assure you that honey fans as well as enthusiasts of other bee products will be delighted with our sweets.

We offer sweets, the taste of the childhood intended not only for children but also for older generation. Sadecki Bartnik fudges are available in three flavours: honey, pollen or propolis.

Pollen content - 5%

Convenient packages of 250 g each on sale.

Fudges are available in our local store “Honey Larder”, and soon will be obtainable in our online store: www.sklep.bartnik.pl