Ethno honey - Regional multiflower honey from Mazowsze - 270 g

This range of honey was inspired by Polish folk art, tradition, identity and regionalism.

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We encourage you to follow the trail of Polish flavors and regional culture.The pattern on the labels is inspired by the traditional theme from the region of each origin of the honey. This set of honey is a great idea for an original gift from Poland!

Multiflower honey from Mazowsze region.
The pattern on the label is inspired by the traditional Kurpie cut-out. „Leluje” are characteristic of Kurpie culture - symmetrical cut-outs in the form of trees, symbolise the reviving life, the link between heaven and earth or what is divine with what is human. There are often figures of people or animals that have the appropriate symbolism - e.g. a rooster (which also appeared on our label) is a symbol of fertility.

As the name indicates, multiflower honey comes from nectar gathered by bees from different plants, both cultivated ones and those growing in meadows, forests, lowlands and mountains.
Its colour is light creamy or sometimes pale yellow. It crystallizes quickly, turning to light grey or light brown. It has a characteristic rather strong waxy aroma, dependent on the mixture of nectar brought to the hive. The curative properties of this honey depend on the plants the nectar has been collected from.

Multiflower honey is also used as:
- a remedy to treat allergies since it contains pollens that act as antigens,
- it is particularly applicable in respiratory allergic diseases such as asthma or hay fever,
- this kind of honey has a high content of silicon, an element necessary for the proper functioning of the circulatory system,
- it is helpful with the renewal of the skin, hair and bones.