Ethno honey - Regional honeydew honey from Bieszczady - 270 g

This range of honey was inspired by Polish folk art, tradition, identity and regionalism.

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We encourage you to follow the trail of Polish flavors and regional culture. The pattern on the labels is inspired by the traditional theme from the region of each origin of the honey. This set of honey is a great idea for an original gift from Poland!

Honeydew honey from Bieszczady region.
The pattern on the label is inspired by traditional Lemko embroidery and Lemko jewellery. Lemko costumes are distinguished by cross-stitch, which are often geometric. The colours and their symbolism are characteristic: black - earth, yellow - sun, red - fire, blue - sky, green - forests and fields. The Lemko jewellery (necklaces) was made of small, glass beads threaded on a thread. These necklaces were often worn even by men (they had an appropriate male form).

Honeydew honey can be grayish-green, brown or even black, depending on the species of tree from which honeydew is obtained. It crystalises quite slowly, taking a lumpy form. It has a slightly spicy smell, taste is mild and not very sweet.It contains more active substances, especially biologically active iron, than nectar honeys.

It is useful for:

- upper respiratory tract diseases

- in cases of lowered immunity,

- it also supports the treatment of rheumatic, skin and nervous diseases.

It has anti-inflammatory, disinfectant and expectorant properties, it has the properties of a natural antibiotic.