Ethno honey - Regional rapeseed creamed honey - 270 g

Rapeseed creamed honey from the central part of Poland

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Chwilowo niedostępny

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This range of honey was inspired by Polish folk art, tradition, identity and regionalism. We encourage you to follow the trail of Polish flavors and regional culture. The pattern on the labels is inspired by the traditional theme from the region of each origin of the honey. This set of honey is a great idea for an original gift from Poland!

The pattern on the label is inspired by the traditional pattern/cut-out from Lowicz. It is one of the most recognizable patterns in Polish folk culture. The basic elements of cuttings from Lowicz are colourful flowers and roosters. The colourful paper cut-outs decorated the interiors of rural huts in the 19th century. There are several types of cut-outs. The knowledge of cut-outs making was passed down from generation to generation, until in the 20thcentury cut-outs from Lowicz gained great popularity, decorating souvenirs from central Poland.

Rapeseed honey
Rapeseed honey is colourless or straw-coloured when liquid and turns creamy white after crystallization. It crystallizes quickly due to its high glucose content and takes on a greasy consistence. The smell is weak, close to that of a rapeseed plant in flower.

Rapeseed honey is applied in:

- circulatory system diseases (sclerosis),

- in liver diseases,

- in inflammatory conditions of the upper respiratory tract,

- as well as in skin diseases.

It compensates for potassium deficiencies, lowers blood pressure, as well as counteracts sclerosis and improves oxygen and nutrient supplies to the cardiac muscle. When applied externally to burns, it prevents blister formation and related infections. It accelerates the development of granulation tissue and, as a consequence, the healing of wounds.