About us

“Sadecki Bartnik” Online Store was established in 2007. Its offer is addressed to honey and bee products consumers, hobbyists and professional beekeepers, those who wish to explore the secrets of the bee world, searching its beneficial influence on health, condition and beauty, to those who look for original gifts and those who would like to find out more about the Polish old time beekeeping as well as its contemporary achievements.

Sadecki Bartnik Online Store offers:

  • For honey fans:
    Natural Polish honey, creamed honey, certified organic honey and also honey from remote parts of the world, guidebooks, cookery books, popular science films about honey and bee products;

  • For those with a sweet tooth, especially for the youngsters:
    Lollipops, honey candy bars;

  • Those looking for original gifts:
    Special occasion baskets, beeswax candles, beautifully published albums;

  • Those interested in healthcare:
    Medicines, drops, ointments, bee products (including royal jelly, pollen, bee bread, propolis and herbal honey), brochures, popular science films and books which take us closer to modern achievements of apitherapy, which provide proven expertise of using honey and bee products in preventive treatment of many diseases including civilization diseases;

  • Beauty enthusiasts:
    Liquid soaps and shower gels, tonics, body lotions, make-up removers and skin creams;

  • Beekeepers hobbyists:
    Wide choice of equipment and tools of backyard apiary (with technical help), publication (brochures, beginners guidebooks, books, beekeeping magazines), implementing to the beekeeping world in user-friendly form, instructional films;

  • For professional beekeepers:
    Advanced beekeeping equipment and tools (including equipment of Slovenian company “Logar” – exclusive representative in Poland), preparations and medicinal products intended for bees diseases (e.g. Austrian “BeeVital”, Croatian “Nozevit” – exclusive representative in Poland), newest specialized literature (brochures, materials from beekeeping conferences, guidebooks, books, beekeeping magazines), instructional films;

  • Bees, old and modern beekeeping fans:
    beekeeping classic reprints, encyclopedias, dictionaries, albums of beekeeping subject area, atlases of melliferous plants, documentary films including films about the history of Polish beekeeping and worldwide beekeeping congresses “Apimondia”.

    All products of “Sadecki Bartnik” Online Store are presented on photographs with short and brief descriptions of essential information for every Customer. Navigation on the online shelves is kept simple in order to make it uncomplicated for every Customer.

Regardless of the simplicity of navigation on the wide range of Online Store offer, customer service of “Sadecki Bartnik” Online Store is available Monday – Friday from 8 am to 4 pm on phone numbers:  +48 18 414 05 50 or +48 666 378 629 or via e-mail sklep@bartnik.pl providing accurate and comprehensive information.

We would like to wish all the Customers of “Sadecki Bartnik” Online Store successful shopping. Please read the terms of use and about cookies.

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