Royal jelly in honey - 250 g

Royal jelly in various forms is recommended during the recovery period after severe and debilitating diseases and surgery.

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Royal jelly is a secretion of the throat glands of young worker bees. It is a basic, high-energy food for bee mothers and younger larvae. Fresh royal jelly is a substance with a creamy consistency and variable colour, from pale cream to pale yellow. Astringent and slightly sour taste, with a peculiar smell. In the fresh state it is an unstable product, requires fixation.

It is commercially available in the form of tablets and as a mixture with honey. Royal jelly consists of a whole range of micro and macro elements, free amino acids, hormones, enzymes, organic acids, inhibitors, vitamins and other active biological substances.

Preparations based on royal jelly are especially used in diseases of old age and disorders of development and hormonal balance. They favourably affect the metabolism of the tissue renewal process. They cause rapid weight gain, increase vitality and regulate blood pressure.

Regulates physical and mental activities, leading to the removal of fatigue and improvement of well-being. Clinical studies confirm the effectiveness of royal jelly in the treatment of patients with atherosclerosis, diabetes, Buerger's disease, angina pectoris and bronchial asthma.

Royal jelly in honey composition:

Nectar multiflower honey: 99.2%,

Fresh wholesome royal jelly: 0.8%

country of origin Poland