Honey mood and blackcurrant - 250 g

Summer special offer lasts until 25 June included!

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Creamed honey with fruit

Remember "you are what you eat" - choosing Honey mood is not only a pleasure, but also health itself! Our honeys with additives are a combination of precious bee honey with carefully selected fruit, herbs and spices. The honey mood series owes their sophisticated taste and beautiful colour only to fruit and a large amount of honey.

Honey mood series does not contain "E" food additives, flavours, carriers…. dyes, glucose-fructose syrup, artificial honey, citric acid, sugar, modified starch, pectins, gums, etc.

Honey mood products have a simple composition and carefully selected additives.

Honey mood and blackcurrant - a fruit adventure into sweet and sour pleasure (corresponds to about 10% of fresh currants).

Freeze-dried fruits are made according to the latest and healthiest methods of food preservation. Products subjected to this process retain their full nutritional value, taste, aroma and colour. They do not need any additives or preservatives to maintain their properties even for several years. Freeze-dried food is frozen at minus 50 degrees Celsius, and then the resulting ice crystals sublimate under vacuum conditions. The final product has a moisture content that allows the product to be stored for a long time.