Honey mood and gingerbread spice - 250 g

Creamed honey with gingerbread spice.

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Remember "you are what you eat" - choosing Honey mood is not only a pleasure, but also health itself! Our honeys with additives are a combination of precious bee honey with carefully selected fruit, herbs and spices. The honey mood series owes their sophisticated taste and beautiful colour only to fruit and a large amount of honey.

Honey mood series does not contain "E" food additives, flavours, carriers…. dyes, glucose-fructose syrup, artificial honey, citric acid, sugar, modified starch, pectins, gums, etc.

These products have a simple composition and carefully selected additives.

Honey mood and gingerbread spice - an amazing duo creating an extraordinary composition of smell and taste. For many of us the smell of gingerbread is an inseparable element of Christmas. To bring you closer to this magical time, we have prepared a new product. It owes its unique flavour to spices from distant lands. Their quality is the key to the perfect product (cinnamon, ginger, clove, cardamom, allspice, nutmeg, black pepper, anise….)
Good gingerbread cookies must be fluffy, creamy, aromatic, tasty ... our Honey mood and gingerbread has all these features ... Fluffy, velvety creamy nectar honey with fancy gingerbread spice. It warms up, cheers up and brings back good thoughts.
Perfect for cocoa, warm milk, cakes, stuffing gingerbread or on a slice of bread.
It sweetens coffee or tea or helps to prepare aromatic dough (layer cakes, waffles, gingerbread cake, jam, etc.). This unique mixture gives energy and warmth.

Honey mood and gingerbread spice - a perfect gift for gingerbread and honey lovers - don't be afraid, it's delicious! One of a kind!