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Premium Wedding Honey 120 g

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We are pleased to present you a luxurious gift for wedding guests, parents and other special occasional events. Liquid, golden honey in a charming jar decorated with an elegant white ribbon. On the lid, there is a personalised label with the selected graphics and a wooden honey deeper. Everything is packed * in a gift bag, which creates an amazing gift. We are convinced that our premium honey will be a great thank-you to the guests. Delivery time 3 weeks. We also recommend premium mini wedding honey and honey for the youngest with graphics matching the premium wedding honey: Contact us by e-mail: - we will answer all your questions. While placing an order please provide below information: - the number of selected graphic (to choose a graphic, click on the main photo then click onto an arrow on the right) - the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding or other text. * to reduce the possibility of damage / creasing of the premium set, honey in jars, ribbons, a honey deeper and a gift bag are sent for self-assembly at home. ** at the bottom of the foil we present important information such as: type of honey, country of origin, expiry date and our logo as a producer (photo 9). Multiflower honey It comes from the nectar collected by bees from various plants, both cultivated and growing in meadows and forests. It is light cream, sometimes tea in color. It crystallizes quite quickly, changing its colour to light gray or light brown. Spring multiflower honey is made from the entire bouquet of spring flowers. It has a light cream colour and a mild flavour. Depending on where the bees have collected it, the gourmand"s smell and palate may sense the aromas of dandelion, raspberry flower or rapeseed flower. Multiflower honey contains a lot of simple sugars: glucose and fructose. It is recommended: - allergy sufferers, allergic to pollen and people suffering from hay fever. This honey does not cause allergies. - especially in the prevention of allergic diseases, because it contains pollen that act as antigens. - for children because of its mild taste - in states of general weakness - helpful in viral and bacterial diseases - in the renewal of hair, skin and nails - its medicinal value depends on the plants from which the bees collected nectar - it is also recommended when you want to give a unique gift! :)