Make your own set of honey!

Chose your favourite taste!
The set will be a great gift for those closest to you.
Perfect set for every occasion!
Order our sweet set today!

Cena: 78,00 zł


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This time you can decide for yourself what flavors of our delicious products will be in the gift box. Each set can contain a maximum of 3 products from the Honey Mood series and ...
You can combine your favorite jars of honey with fruit, herbs or spices in any configuration. The set will be the perfect idea for a sweet gift for a loved one. The price of the set is PLN 37 and includes three jars of Honey Mood products, packed in an ecological cardboard box with a fancy band.
- Honey mood and black currant 250 g
- Honey mood, ginger and lemon 250 g
- Honey mood and raspberry 250 g
- Honey mood and mango 250 g
- Honey mood and gingerbread spice 250 g
- Honey mood and nettle 250
- Honey mood and strawberry 250 g
- cardboard box with a fancy band

* if a set is purchased, the sales document (receipt and / or invoice) will list all the products included in the set, not the name of the set itself.