Linden honey - 1.20 kg

It is considered by many consumers to be the best and most valuable among honeys. It owes its centuries-old reputation to the wide use of the linden blossom in folk medicine.

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It arises from nectar collected by bees from linden flowers. It has a light amber or yellow-green color. It has a  very pleasant smell of linden flowers. There is a slight bitterness of taste. It has a slightly oily consistency.

It crystalises into small grains (crusts), turning yellow-orange or even brown.

It has a long tradition of "home-made medicine", particularly popular as a natural preventive and supportive treatment for colds, coughs, inflammation of the nasal mucosa, bronchi and lungs.
In combination with other ingredients of natural origin (e.g. raspberry juice or elderberry flower), it is used as a natural home remedy to relieve flu symptoms.

Irreplaceable in the prevention of acute and chronic respiratory diseases - it is expectorant, diaphoretic and antipyretic.

Apitherapists recommend frequent consumption of linden honey to people living under constant stress, because it has sedative properties. It is also recommended for the prevention of neuroses.

Due to the fragility of the glass we introduce a limit of 6 pieces per one order for honey in 1.20 kg jars.