Propolis - face wash gel

Propolis - face wash gel cleanses, moisturises and does not irritate the skin.

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Thanks to the meticulously selected natural, extremely mild washing substances, it is perfectly tolerated, even by very sensitive skin. Contained in it, coconut palm and corn extracts free the skin from impurities, without destroying its protective barrier, without irritating it and causing it to dry.

Long-term tension and stress cause that our skin becomes very sensitive to impurities and incorrectly selected cosmetics. It reacts with irritation. It is therefore important to choose the right cleaning agent. It should cleanse the skin and carefully moisturise it without causing irritating reactions.

The presence of a high concentration of medical propolis normalises the work of sebaceous glands, which reduces the formation of acne eruptions. Antibacterial and accelerates healing of micro skin damage. Thanks to the content of d´panthenol and allantoin, the face wash gel nourishes the skin and soothes irritations.
Performing a gentle facial massage makes the skin firm and smooth. After applying Propolis - face wash gel, the skin is ready to apply skin care products.

Usage: the gel is intended for daily washing and care. It's best to do this every morning and evening. Apply a small amount of gel to moisturised skin, spread it gently, then rinse with warm water.

Capacity: 200 ml