Heather honey - 400 g

Nectar obtained from heather flowers, with a specific smell, is used by bees to produce a very valuable variety of honey.

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In the liquid state it has a red-brown color. After crystalisation, which occurs quite quickly, it acquires a gelatinous consistency. It has a very strong and specific smell, reminiscent of heather flowers. The taste is not very sweet, even slightly bitter. Contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, in comparison with other varieties.

Liquid heather honey is red-brown. It crystallizes quickly and takes on a jellylike consistency. Its aroma is strong and resembles that of heather flowers. The taste is not very sweet, rather sharp, and slightly bitter. Similarly to buckwheat honey, it demonstrates a considerable phosphatase activity.

Heather honey is recommended in:

- urinary tract and prostate diseases,

- renal calculosis

- intestinal inflammation

- diarrhoea