Lavender honey 300 g

Lavender Honey is extracted from the nectar of narrow-leaved lavender. It's delicate, slightly sour but it has an intense flavour that lingers on the palate for a long time. The honey is characterized by its gentle floral fragrance and aroma, not very intensive but it has a specific hint of lavender. 

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The colour of lavender honey can be bright yellow, golden or tea-like. It crystallizes very slowly. It contains a large number of aromatherapy oils, and therefore it has many significant properties. It supports the treatment of flu, colds and respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and pneumonia. What is more the lavender honey helps in the treatment of kidney and urinary system diseases as well as parasitic diseases. It is a valuable source of energy for the heart muscle because it increases the strength of contraction. Furthermore, the consumption of lavender honey dilates blood vessels and improves blood flow through the coronary and peripheral vessels. Lavender honey is also recommended for people who have problems with insomnia and persistent headaches (the honey clears the mind). It helps with nervous exhaustion. By applying a drop of this honey on the skin after being stung by an insect it gives a rapid relief of burning and swelling. In addition it quickens the healing of the wound.