Thyme honey 0,30 kg

Thyme honey is extracted from the nectar of common thyme flowers. It has a pungent, intense aroma. The flavour is not very sweet, it is rather sour. It is widely considered as one of the most aromatic and tastiest varieties of honey.

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Due to its characteristic ruby colour with an amber shade it is called "red honey". Its unique taste is widely used in French cuisine. Thyme honey is also used as a basic component or addition enhancing the flavour of mead and "nalewka"- a traditional Polish alcoholic beverage, similar to medicinal tinctures. This honey has strong antibacterial properties. It is recommended for all bacterial infections including infections of the upper airways, digestive system infections and skin infections. French medicine has been using thyme honey for many years in gastroenterology, in the treatment of slow-healing wounds (including surgical wounds), in urology and in gynaecology (anti-inflammatory treatment).