Sunflower honey 0,30 kg

Sunflower honey is extracted from the nectar of the flowers of a sunflower. It is rarely found in Poland but it is very popular in Eastern Europe and the Balkans. The flavour is mild but slightly sour and the colour is sunny yellow. The honey crystallizes rather quickly but it remains soft and it spreads easily. 

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Sunflower honey is applicable in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases including atherosclerosis. It lowers blood pressure and improves the oxygen supplies to the heart. Due to its properties it helps to decrease the level of bad cholesterol (also known as LDL). Sunflower honey exhibits antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities therefore it is used in the prevention of liver diseases, infections of the upper airways as well as in skin diseases. When applied externally to burns, it prevents blister formation and related infections. It is useful in cases of potassium deficiencies in the body. It also supports the treatment of anaemia and the states of physical and mental exhaustion. Sunflower honey stimulates weak appetite.