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Apilac probiotic

Apilac is a nutritive preparation with live bacterial cultures beneficial for bees.

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These bacteria colonize alimentary tract of bees and cause lactic fermentation of propolis (propolis conservation).

Preparation contains necessary for bees vitamins of group B, recommended especilly in nutrition of mothers and in feed for bee larvaes. Addition of vitamin C improves taste values and increases rate of feed uptake by the bees. Apilac improves digestive processes, limits development of pathogenic microorganisms and also plays a crucial role in the process of detoxification by decomposition of undesirable ingredients of plant origin.

Regular and controlled administration of lactic acid producing bacteria to bees, contributes to improving the health and physiological efficiency and survival of bees. Bacteria responsible for lactic acid fermentation process may assist prevention of diseases of bee brood and adults.

COMPOSITION (powder form):

Lactobacillus acidophilus 109 cfu

Nicotinamide - B3 37,5 mg

Streptococcus faecium 109 cfu

Calcium pantothenate - B5 32,5 mg

Vitamin B180 mg

Vitamin B6    7,5 mg

Vitamin B2     25 mg

Vitamin C     to 1,0 g


Supplement of vitamins and natural microflora in bee brood and digestive tract of bees. Addition to feeding of bees with sugar syrup, sugar-honey pie and bee brood substitutes (eg. yeast-sugar cake) and for winter feeding. Support to natural immunity against infectious diseases of magot and adult bees. Recreation of natural intestinal microflora in bees after poisoning by chemical crop protection agents, acting orally. Colonization of lactic acid bacteria environment resettled colonies and swarms collected.

DOSING: 1 g per 10 litres of sugar syrup or 6 kg of honey-sugar cake.

In syrup administer in portions 0,25-0,5 liter daily for 7 days.

WITHDRAWAL PERIOD: Not applicable.


In tightly closed, original packaging, in a dry place, at room temperature.


Due to the presence of lactic acid bacteria, avoid contact with skin, mucous membranes and eyes. After reconstitution wash your hands thoroughly. Keep out of the reach of children.

SHELF-LIFE: 12 months