ApiForte - 250 ml

ApiForte is a concentrated bee feed
that stimulates the rearing of healthy brood.

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ApiForte contains an extract of natural proteins with an ideal amino acid composition, similar to royal jelly. Our research shows that some natural proteins are not only high in nutritional value, but also increase the level of hygiene around the brood, which helps to maintain healthy brood nests.

Usage: in early spring - in order to ensure optimal development of the colony, ApiForte is used together with stimulation feeding

at the turn of summer and autumn - in order to probably keep strong bees for the winter and healthy bee colonies in spring, we add ApiForte to the syrup.

Ingredients: water, fructose, egg white protein extract, potassium sorbate. Crude protein 30%, fructose 18%, water 52%.

Instructions for use: For each bee colony, dissolve 50 ml of ApiForte in at least 250 ml of syrup. Mix well and start feeding the bees. If necessary, repeat the treatment after 14 days.

WARNING! When adding ApiForte to a syrup, or after adding the preparation, the temperature of the syrup must not exceed 40°C.

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place. Do not freeze.