Doublewalled waxtank capacity 35 l "Logar"

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Volume: 35 l
Inner diameter: 31 cm
Height: 50 cm
Heater power:3 kW/230V with a thermostat

Wax tank is intended for clearing, cleaning and destruction of American foulbrood and Nosema. The tank is triply curved with a double wall for thermo oil and isolation and is made of stainless steel. It can only be used with thermo oil that transfers heat (approx. 19 l). The temperature is set with a thermostat (50° C - 150° C). There are two ball valves 3’’ to release wax out of the tank. The upper one is meant to release cleaned wax and the lower one, which is at the lowest point, is for the release of the sediment. Due to the additional isolation, the consumption of electricity is lowered significantly. The tank can also be used to for heating wax for wax foundation, making candles, cooking jam, melting paraffin for candles...